Being homesick is not so much about wanting to return to your childhood home as it is about missing the feelings of security and love you remember growing up.

Homesickness is common in the military, especially while getting used to new surroundings after a PCS (that’s military for moving to a new base), and it often sets in when you’re away from loved ones for special occasions like birthdays and holidays.

Take the Stress Out of Thanksgiving With These Tips for Hosting the Big Dinner

Lets Connect! Follow HH6 Camo ChixHosting Thanksgiving dinner, especially if it’s your first time, can be stressful says Philadelphia-are wedding and events planner Renee Patrone of Events by Renee and Party Host Helpers, who shared these helpful tips with HH6 Camo Chix. Prepare for more than you invited. Thanksgiving seems to be the holiday where significant others or friends are “orphans,” so you’ll […]

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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

Lets Connect! Follow HH6 Camo Chix I always dread the question, “Where are you from?” It’s not that I mind answering, just that it’s so – complicated. I prefer qualifiers like, “Where are you from, originally?” or, “Where do you live now?” My answer to the latter is that I live in Hawaii, for now. It’s our third time being […]

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About me, “Annie”

Lets Connect! Follow HH6 Camo ChixBare feet, Front porch swings, deer hunting, coon dogs, four-wheelers, camo, dirt-track racing, Nascar and moonshine were all part of the life I knew growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Just add sweet tea that hurts your teeth, banana pudding, chicken pie and boisterous Sunday dinners surrounded by family, and you […]

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Favorite Comfort Foods? Research Shows It May Depend On Mood and Gender

Lets Connect! Follow HH6 Camo ChixThere just may be some science behind that old saying, “the quickest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” According to the Cornell University Food and Brand Lab article, Mood and Gender Relate to the Selection & Intake of Comfort Foods, by Zara Khaleeli, summarizing Physiology and Behavior article, Exploring Comfort Food Preferences […]

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