Military Mama Network Celebrates One Year of Supporting Our Military

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Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

The Military Mama Network, a group with the primary mission of “Supporting our military with cards, letters and packages filled with love” is celebrating the group’s first birthday on September 11, 2014.

The group, now 3,000 plus and growing, got its humble start on June 23, 2013, when founder Geriann Wiesbrook started it as a way to mark her 50th birthday by doing something meaningful.


Military Mama Network  Founder Geriann Wiesbrook

Military Mama Network Founder Geriann Wiesbrook

Wiesbrook, whose son is in the military,  had recently learned that many service members who are deployed or stationed far from home and family, receive no mail from home, but through an organization that connected her with service members to whom she could send packages and mail, she hoped to make a difference. When a deployed soldier wrote a thank you letter to Wiesbrook, he shared that he had buddies who would benefit from care packages too. And the item he asked for, the thing that would be much appreciated, he wrote, – was socks.

Determined to get those troops their socks – and then some, Wiesbrook was on a mission.

Instead of gifts for her 50th birthday in June of 2013, she asked her friends and family to donate items and postage to help her get more cards and packages into the hands of troops who could use a little “love from home.” And Military Mama Network was born.
Not even three months later, the group – a growing number of military moms and others who wanted to help – was too big for Wiesbrook to manage from her personal Facebook account, and on September 11th, 2013 the Military Mama Network was an official Facebook group.

Call to action via Military Mama Network

Call to action via Military Mama Network

The group’s tagline became“One Mama: One Hero One mission–sending support to our military at home and overseas,” and its mission deemed to “support our military with cards, letters and packages filled with love.

Today, the Military Mamma Network sends cards to the wounded in military hospitals overseas, birthday cards to veterans, thank you notes to Vietnam Vets who received none when they returned years ago from serving their country, and flowers and cards to those families of service members who made the ultimate sacrifice.

On the Friday following  news of a service member killed in action, members are encouraged to perform a random act of kindness that cannot be repaid — and it can’t be paid forward — Wiesbrook, explains, because the sacrifice it honors can never be repaid.

Cards and letters on their way to service members Photo via MMN Facebook Group

Cards and letters on their way to service members Photo via MMN Facebook Group

In addition to sending mail and care packages, Military Mama Network is a place where members can fellowship online with other parents worrying about a son or daughter away at basic training, dreading a looming deployment, or waiting anxiously for news that their loved one is safe.  A worried mom, group members say, can reach out and always find someone there for them – no matter the hour of day or night.

And so, on a day when all will remember the fallen of 9/11 and honor those heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice that day and in the battles fought since then, the Military Mama Network will celebrate its one year birthday — the anniversary of coming together as a group to make a difference — with an online event that includes fundraising, moments of reminiscing and some giveaway drawings.

“If you have someone you love in the military and want to help,” says Geriann Wiesbrook, “join us, and invite your friends and families to help. “This group has a SINGULAR purpose…to support our military, so spread the word.”

“After all,” she adds, “it’s because of them that we are free.”

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