Military Tradition Waits for No One, Learns Comedian Robin Williams

Lets Connect! Follow HH6 Camo Chix Military Etiquette and Protocol: Bugle Calls The first time I visited my son on base, what happened at the 5:00 pm bugle call definitely caught me off guard. The fact that there was a bugle call wasn’t a surprise, but what everyone — and I mean everyone — around me did sure was!

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In Military Circles, Replying to the RSVP Isn’t Just Polite, It’s Expected

Lets Connect! Follow HH6 Camo ChixRespond, If You Please The French phrase, “Responders Sil Vous Plait,”  is best known by its abbreviation, “RSVP.” Translated, it means “please respond,” and in military social circles, the request isn’t just polite, it requires a timely response. According to Basics From The Barracks: Military Etiquette And Protocol, which dedicates an entire page to the […]

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First Impressions

Our post, like many military facilities, has lodging and a snack bar for incoming/outgoing families, and I stopped at ours the other day to pick up lunch to drop off for my husband.

While waiting for my order, I took a seat alongside a mother and her child, a little girl of no more than three or four years who kept meeting my eyes with hers as she cozied up to her mother’s side.
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