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If you are the wife or mother of a newly-minted soldier, sailor, airman, marine, or coastie, then this website is for you. The mission of HH6 Camo Chix  is to support the civilians who stand behind our service members by providing easy access to relevant resources and timely information about issues that matter to new military spouses and parents of service members. Read our most current blog posts and articles here, or click on one of the links above for a drop-down menu of specific topics of interests.

The meaning behind the  HH6 Camo Chix ™ name and logo:Shoe3

In the world of military acronyms, the term “HH6” translates to “household commander,” the designation given to military spouses. The inspiration for our red-shoe logo came to HH6 Camo Chix ™ founder, Ann Medlin,  while she was recovering from an injury that left her working her way from wheelchair to walker and then a cane.  Ann no longer needs her cane, and with ongoing physical therapy,  she hopes to one day recover fully and  trade in her “sensible” shoes for a very special pair of red-stiletto heels.

Ann Medlin

Ann Medlin

“Sometimes, to help me work through the pain of therapy,” Ann explains, “I like to think about the cute shoes I’ll wear again one day, and that’s how our logo came to be. I was designing shoes in my head, and suddenly I knew exactly what the perfect pair of shoes would look like.” “The color red,” Ann says of the rhinestone-heeled stiletto,  “is for the special love a woman holds in her heart for a husband or child serving in the military.” “A hint of camo,” she adds, “represents the strength and courage each woman will find from within, and  through networking and fellowship with other military wives and mothers.”

Ann Medlin, HH6 Camo Chix Founder and Chief Blogger is a seasoned military wife who, after 10 cross-country moves and 43 months of single parenting while her husband was deployed, discovered that  she can handle anything with God’s help and the support of her family and friends. Ann is especially grateful to a special group of military spouses who took the time to show her the ropes when she was a brand-new Army wife.  Embracing that military-sister spirit and determined to share her can-do attitude with others,  Ann’s mission is to support the civilians — spouses, parents, family and friends — who stand behind our service members, while sharing inspirational stories, information, and valuable tips with “household commanders” everywhere .  Click here to learn more about the HH6 Camo Chix team of bloggers.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13, NKJV)


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