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Ann Medlin

Ann Medlin

Ann Medlin is a seasoned military wife who has made it her mission to share what she knows and to offer her support to other military families, especially those new to military life.  She knows only too well what it is like to move every couple of years, make new friends, help the kids adjust to a new school and community, and reinvent herself professionally.

When she married her soldier, Ann traded in a life surrounded by her big, loving, chaotic family and life-long friends for the nomadic life of a military family. Since leaving her small hometown in the foothills of North Carolina, Ann has moved 10 times cross-country and overseas and survived 43 months of single parenting while her husband was deployed. Along with her family and childhood friends, Ann holds near and dear to her heart a number of special relationships — military sisters and civilian friends she met over the years.

Ann has learned to redefine herself professionally with each PCS move, leveraging not just her academic background —  liberal arts, education and early childhood development — but drawing from her passion for sports and her many years of volunteer experience.

Ann grew up helping in her mother’s restaurant and catering business, and later, while working in positions ranging from Logistics Coordinator for Samaritans Purse World Medical Missions to In-Home Preschool Pilot Program Facilitator,  Ann came to the realization that service to others was her calling in life. She determined to find a way to answer that call in some capacity wherever they lived,  whether it meant dedicating her talents to a worthy cause, teaching or coaching, or cooking up delicious food for a homesick soldier or a family new to post.

An athlete growing up, Ann lettered in volleyball, basketball and softball in high school and was the recipient of college scholarships for basketball. She put her  passion for sports to use at various duty stations throughout the country,  serving as an NAYS-certified volunteer coach for soccer and basketball and SAI-certified swim instructor to infants, preschoolers, children and adults. During one of her husband’s deployments, Ann packed up her son to spend a summer together at a resident youth camp, where she administered an instructional and recreational swim program.

Through the years, Ann says, she has learned that  she can handle anything with God’s help and the support of her family and friends — including some very special fellow military wives who showed her the ropes and were there for her and family when they needed it most. Embracing that spirit, Ann has made it her mission to share what she knows and to offer her support to other military families, especially new military wives and mothers of newly-minted service members.

Ann Medlin has been recognized on numerous occasions for her volunteer work and fundraising efforts, and is the recipient of the Dr. Mary E. Walker Award, a citation presented to outstanding military spouses for “demonstrating dedicated and exemplary volunteerism, that improved the quality of life for soldiers and their families.”

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