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If you would like to be a guest blogger or regular contributor to HH6 Camo Chix, please email us at admin@hh6camochix.com or use the Contact Us link to send us your request along with the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A link to your current blog or website, or a writing sample
  • Suggested topic with a short excerpt or brief outline and a sentence or two explaining why our readers will be interested. No need to compose your post in advance, a few excerpts and ideas will do. Please include the date  by which your submission would be ready. If you are interested in contributing regularly, please indicate how often you would like to post. 

If you are selected, we will contact you via email with our blog post and article guidelines and ask you to provide:

  • Full version of your proposed article or blog post and a short author bio and photo
  • A signed release giving HH6 Camo Chix permission to use the original content you submit to us (includes written copy, images and video)
  • A written acknowledgement from you that the work you submitted is your own, original material and that you retain responsibility for any and all damages relating to plagiarism or copyright infringement

Guest bloggers will be selected based on a number of determining factors including writing style, relevant content suggestion, and level of personal or professional experience or expertise with the proposed post topic.

HH6 Camo Chix will review all content  submitted, and reserves the right to edit or request that the author revise copy as needed for grammar, voice and appropriate content prior to publication on HH6camochix.com.

HH6 Camo Chix reserves the right to decline content deemed inappropriate.

All content submitted by a guest blogger or regular contributor will become property of HH6 Camo Chix.  As the author, you will receive byline credit for the content, which will be posted with the article along with a short, author-submitted bio and photo, as well as a link back to your blog, website, and /or social media page(s).

When appropriate, HH6 Camo Chix will include your work in the “related content” section at the close of other articles. In similar spirit, contributing authors are encouraged to promote their HH6 Camo Chix published work through social media  and/or via their personal website or blog.

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